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Obama - A Journey Rooted in Family and God

Obama will succeed as we lend him support, pray for God's guidance and hold together our situation k...

8th November 2008
DRC Crisis: The Britain-Rwanda Link

Rwanda has a vested interest in the chronic instability of its giant neighbour. But who pulls Rwand...

3rd November 2008
The Congo Genocide Must Stop

It is therefore ethically, politically and morally wrong for the international community to keep sil...

10th November 2008
Nigeria's Yar'Adua a Mockery of Democracy

Nigerians are a passionate people, and that passion should be tapped into, not repressed.

4th November 2008
Congo Conflict: From Dried Hands to Blood

London, New York and Paris lecture on human rights and the sanctity of property rights whilst their...

3rd November 2008
Kenya: Corruption Needs Change of Attitude and Cr...

it is unrealistic to expect those in power today to get to the bottom of the endemic, debilitating e...

15th February 2010
Nuclear Weapons: Does Africa Have a Say?

Trillions of dollars which are wasted annually on nuclear weapons should be spent on tackling climat...

10th August 2009
Judiciary Must Embrace Performance Contracting

The public must demand that the Judiciary staff in the bench are subjected to bench marks as defined...

12th October 2009
Forgery: Is Tanzania Going the Sassou-Ngweso Way ?

Is Tanzania’s cabinet of fakers a replica of what’s going in upper echelons of power in Africa? Isn’...

27th October 2009
Gay Revolution is UnAfrican

Homosexuality seeks to destroy marriage as we know it, unity as we know it and family life as we kno...

9th November 2009
Give Thanks for Energy

Thanksgiving is reported as the busiest travel season—whether by auto or air. But even before the tr...

24th November 2009
Going to Italy? Think Twice if you are Black!

During the altercation, the attackers shouted "dirty black," lawyers for both sides said.

11th December 2009
Abdul Muttallab:Good News to Nigeria?

Western countries are now paying attention to incessant and unwanton deaths spurred by Nigeria’s nor...

11th January 2010
Niger Delta: No Amnesty, No Surrender!

We the people of the Niger Delta -- should be the ones offering the Nigerian government amnesty.

27th July 2009
Celebrating African Americans

Why are African Americans being so grossly inaccurately portrayed within the United States media?

17th August 2009
The Mau Saga Exposes Lawlessness in Kenya

Prosecuting the Kalenjins in the Mau while ignoring the Kikuyus in the Rift Valley is instigating a...

17th August 2009
Ringera Must not Go with KACC

The Executive’s new game plan is to provoke Parliament to the point that enraged MPs will blindly sc...

28th September 2009
Legislators' Sacco: Uganda Must Excercise Prudence

Uganda has a new generation of voters who shall not be fed on deception and manipulation.

1st November 2009
Fighting Corruption: A Tall Order in Uganda

The President personally directed Bank of Uganda to bail out Mr. Bassajja balaba with 21 billion shi...

6th October 2009
Dead Aid or Wrong Approach?

Aid has neither solved Africa's problems nor spurred expected development. Recipients have become c...

1st November 2009
Thoughts on the Practice of Pan-Africanism

While the decentralized nature of the non-governmental Pan-African movement has created greater oppo...

27th October 2009
Poor Choices Have Crippled America's Economy

When our lawmakers make poor choices, we all pay for them--unless we make them pay the consequences.

9th November 2009
Music and Social Change

The post-election violence that occurred after the 2007 Kenyan polls was one of the most horrific sc...

9th November 2009
Conflict Minerals: A Cover For US Allies and Weste...

Efforts emanating from the United States and Europe are no exception to this symptomatic approach wh...

7th December 2009
What is Wrong with Blacks?

There are more blacks holding college education than Jewish Americans. Why then does the Jew 'run' t...

23rd November 2009
EAC: Facing the Challenges of the New Year, 2010

Our challenges during 2010 are clear cut: to achieve the broad objectives of a full fledged EAC Cust...

15th December 2009
Chiluba’s ‘Acquittal’ is Theft within Theft

Zambia spent $ 13.000,000 on trying former president Fredrick Chiluba who is accused of embezzling $...

7th December 2009
Somalis: A Threat to Kenya?

Somalis are literally buying the Maasais out of Kenya's Rift Valley region and turning Nairobi into...

18th January 2010
Nigeria: Losing Global Relevance ?

How influential is Nigeria? What about its influence and contributions to the continent? There is a...

8th January 2010
Gay Rights in Africa: What is the Donor Community...

The donor community has clearly shown that it is not driven by Africa’s best interests.

19th January 2010
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