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Migingo Island Saga: Is Museveni a Scapegoat?

Our anger should not be directed at Museveni but to those at whose behest, he held the Migingo brief...

19th May 2009
Will Secession Tear Uganda Apart?

All Ugandans, without exception, pay taxes and have a right to benefit from their taxes.

25th May 2009
Is Hellen Zille a Racist?

To get off hook, it’s become a norm for Africa’s thieves to take camouflage in race, colonialism and...

8th June 2009
The African Child has been Largely Ignored

As we celebrate the Day of the African Child, we must look back to history and evaluate our leaders...

16th June 2009
Maize Saga: Who will Save Innocent Kenyans?

Just how deep is Kenya's Prime Minister, Hon.Raila Odinga, involved in the contaminated maize scanda...

18th June 2009
Does Kenya's Fourth Estate Understand War?

What dispute does Kenya have against the group or the Somali populace who support the militia? What...

29th June 2009
Conflict between the Regular & AP Police Forces: M...

Kenya is not the only country with law enforcement agencies that have overlapping mandates. The Unit...

6th July 2009
Do South Africans Have an Identity as a Nation?

Historical consciousness is the most solid rampart of the cultural security of a people. Historical...

20th July 2009
Obama Redefined the Door of No Return

Obama's hard hitting statements on Africa's tyrannical leaders, corruption, tribalism and lack of in...

14th July 2009
Who is Nigerians in Diaspora Organization (NIDO) S...

Nigerians have nothing to show for their presence in US; collectively speaking, except of course, ga...

14th July 2009
Reversing Africa's Cultural Genocide

African culture is part of the remaining 15,000 cultures worldwide. Largely undocumented, this nativ...

14th July 2009
Niger Delta: No Amnesty, No Surrender!

We the people of the Niger Delta -- should be the ones offering the Nigerian government amnesty.

27th July 2009
Barack Obama and Africans’ Mindset

Africans have become kids in the global prosperity- ordered around, manipulated, castigated, and alw...

27th July 2009
Nuclear Weapons: Does Africa Have a Say?

Trillions of dollars which are wasted annually on nuclear weapons should be spent on tackling climat...

10th August 2009
Celebrating African Americans

Why are African Americans being so grossly inaccurately portrayed within the United States media?

17th August 2009
The Mau Saga Exposes Lawlessness in Kenya

Prosecuting the Kalenjins in the Mau while ignoring the Kikuyus in the Rift Valley is instigating a...

17th August 2009
Is Justice Closing in for Muluzi?

Muluzi and Mkapa ought to accept a legal process as happened in Zambia where former ruler Fredrick C...

24th August 2009
September 11: Never Again!

Nations need not demean another and in so doing categorize the world into more insulting classes suc...

7th September 2009
Ali al-Megrahi Reception: Shame to the AU!

If Western countries can release a terrorist that killed hundreds of their people, will they pay any...

22nd September 2009
UN General Assembly: Lessons for Africa

Let Africa harness the opportunity availed by her markets and natural resources that are always on h...

25th September 2009
Ringera Must not Go with KACC

The Executive’s new game plan is to provoke Parliament to the point that enraged MPs will blindly sc...

28th September 2009
Fighting Corruption: A Tall Order in Uganda

The President personally directed Bank of Uganda to bail out Mr. Bassajja balaba with 21 billion shi...

6th October 2009
Judiciary Must Embrace Performance Contracting

The public must demand that the Judiciary staff in the bench are subjected to bench marks as defined...

12th October 2009
Legislators' Sacco: Uganda Must Excercise Prudence

Uganda has a new generation of voters who shall not be fed on deception and manipulation.

1st November 2009
Thoughts on the Practice of Pan-Africanism

While the decentralized nature of the non-governmental Pan-African movement has created greater oppo...

27th October 2009
Forgery: Is Tanzania Going the Sassou-Ngweso Way ?

Is Tanzania’s cabinet of fakers a replica of what’s going in upper echelons of power in Africa? Isn’...

27th October 2009
Dead Aid or Wrong Approach?

Aid has neither solved Africa's problems nor spurred expected development. Recipients have become c...

1st November 2009
Music and Social Change

The post-election violence that occurred after the 2007 Kenyan polls was one of the most horrific sc...

9th November 2009
Gay Revolution is UnAfrican

Homosexuality seeks to destroy marriage as we know it, unity as we know it and family life as we kno...

9th November 2009
Poor Choices Have Crippled America's Economy

When our lawmakers make poor choices, we all pay for them--unless we make them pay the consequences.

9th November 2009
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