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African Response to Coronavirus Pandemic

Africans should do everything under the sun to radically increase the immunity of all Africans all o...

7th April 2020
How Safe is the Air in Planes?

According to the studies of the European Aviation Safety Agency, the air in the aircraft is changed...

24th March 2020
Mama Kamukunji Jua Kali: The Forgotten Heroine

It takes hard work, self-determination, discipline and collective action to build oneself and overco...

10th March 2020
Global Economy Outlook

Global economic prospects remain subdued

3rd March 2020
Scramble for Africa: What Should Africa Do?

Marcus Garvey taught us that throughout history, weaker species have been rendered extinct by strong...

25th February 2020
South Sudan Truce: Will Kiir and Machar Deliver?

Your hunger and thirst for power have brought us down to where we are today,

25th February 2020
Valentine’s Day: The Irony

Valentine’s Day, like all modern holidays, has become a widely commercialized holiday, with the aver...

18th February 2020
Thabo Mbeki’s Sanitization of De Klerk is Embarras...

Mbeki refused to endorse a class action against US corporations that did business with the apartheid...

18th February 2020
AU ECOSOCC Wrangles are Detrimental

It is an in-house issue for grown-ups to learn and fix.

4th February 2020
Dietrich Bonhoeffer: A South African Reflection

You don't have to visit South Africa for very long today, especially on university campuses, to lear...

28th January 2020
BBI Initiative: Proposals by Kenyan Diaspora

The BBI, whose extended mandate was gazetted by the president gives Kenyans a second opportunity

21st January 2020
Dr Martin Luther King's Dream Now A Nightmare

I can't help but to ponder what he would say about the current state of Black America specifically,...

21st January 2020
Kenya: Does the Government Have a Moral Authority...

In these hard times, the government has seen it necessary to extend the tax bracket to include Jua K...

14th January 2020
Extreme Natural Events Reversing Development Goals

I express my heartfelt condolences to all families and communities who have lost loved ones in the t...

14th January 2020
Leave Libya Alone: Ghassan Salameh

The country is suffering too much from foreign interference in different ways

7th January 2020
Africa and Diaspora Engagement

Africa is not with begging bowl to be dictated to as designed.

7th January 2020
Love, Life and Power

Hate, greed and selfishness are side-effects of misunderstanding or mishandling of love, life and po...

31st December 2019
BBI: Whose Document is It?

Wanjiku knows it is not her document and will wait to be told what next

17th December 2019
Dam Filling Delay: Egypt Should Compensate Ethiopi...

Ethiopia must accept compensation for Egypt’s demand to delay the filling of the Ethiopian Dam.

26th November 2019
Why the ANC is Not in Control of South Africa

South Africa is in the mess it is today because the ANC literally fought against Africanist inclined...

26th November 2019
The Imbroglio Between Africans in The DA and its W...

The imbroglio between Africans in the Democratic Alliance (DA) and the DA’s white power structure is...

5th November 2019
Why Africans are Not Respected

I would like to share with fellow Africans my thoughts on why Europeans, Asians and Euro Americans t...

29th October 2019
Zimbabwe: Call for National Sabbath For Trust and...

We are calling the nation to SABBATH on all political contestation for a period of seven years

22nd October 2019
Nobel Peace Prize: The Ball is in Dr Abiy Ahmed’s...

The jury is out, but the hope, wish and optimism is that the PM will seize the historic moment, refl...

15th October 2019
Why Trump Will Always Rock

Trump’s defeat of Hillary was a totally rejection of the business as usual mindset.

9th October 2019
Nile Waters: World Bank Not Neutral

Over the last many years, no Nile dams have been financed by the World Bank over Egypt’s objections

2nd October 2019
Violence against Women and Children in South Afric...

I am against any violence irrespective of against whom it is perpetrated

24th September 2019
Raila-Uhuru Handshake: Antidote for President Keny...

Has former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, become the citadel to President Uhuru Kenyatta’s legacy afte...

24th September 2019
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