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Church Must Be In the Forefront Over Land Reform

The debate over land reform in South Africa came to mind on a trip to Chile recently

4th September 2018
Kofi Annan: The Passing On of an Icon

Kofi Annan was a global statesman and a deeply committed internationalist

20th August 2018
Canada and Saudi Arabia: The Intrigues

A true friend is not the one who always acts as your cheerleader whether you are right or wrong.

14th August 2018
Religious Groups Must Help Stop the Mayhem in Plat...

We need to rub minds, to find a special moment to grieve in our hearts, and also to express our revu...

7th August 2018
Nelson Mandela and Pan Africanism: The Lies That B...

One wonders if the South African Broadcasting Corporation Board read comments on Facebook

24th July 2018
Why Uganda Government Is Taxing Social Media

I congratulate our Science team for demonstrating that we now have the eyes to see all the goings on...

24th July 2018
What Non Profit Organizations (NPOs) Wish Corporat...

Before doing anything, consider Mandela Day from the NPO’s perspective: ask for permission, give the...

17th July 2018
Ethio-Eritrean New Relationship

I wish success to the ongoing peace process, and long live the friendships between the people of Eth...

10th July 2018
Property Rights: Church Turns Militant

If church leaders can afford to inflict such magnitude of misery on my family, to whom can one go a...

10th July 2018
AU ECOSOCC Secretariat: The Call for Reforms

Reform is not cosmetics nor an expedient trip.

3rd July 2018
An Open Letter to the People of South Sudan

National dignity and respect are the costless tools that can reshape and guide South Sudanese into p...

26th June 2018
Letter to the HLRF: United Voices of the South Sud...

We need a transitional government

19th June 2018
An Open Letter to His Excellency Abiy Ahmed, Prime...

Houston Forum for Democracy in Ethiopia (HFDE)

19th June 2018
The Protracted Crisis in Cameroon and The Role of...

There is a crisis in Cameroon which risks degenerating into a civil war or long term regional animos...

12th June 2018
SADC and the Metre Convention

I implore all the SADC Member States to reflect on the importance of metrology, particularly in the...

22nd May 2018
Did Facebook Reject Zimbabwe Ndebele Culture ?

I paid $50.00 to promote the Ndebele culture on Facebook and it was declined.

9th May 2018
Sensible Lessons For the Horn Countries

Uniting Villa Somalia with the regional governments is a valuable advice that would help and not hur...

9th May 2018
Museveni’s May Day Speech Was Misguided

Who hasn’t developed Uganda? That is you Mr. President

1st May 2018
MIguna Miguna’s Assault Blight to Kenya’s Image

Even if Miguna has broken the law, isn’t there a civilized manner of handling him?

28th March 2018
South Africa: Together for Justice

We have a shared responsibility - across the regions of the world, across political divisions, acros...

27th March 2018
Joining Arab League Will Not Help South Sudan

I was shocked by the news that South Sudan’s leaders have applied for Arab League membership.

14th March 2018
Jacob Zuma Should Be Thanked For Resigning

The country now has a golden opportunity to start anew.

18th February 2018
Domestic Violence Should Be Discouraged

The rising trend of domestic conflicts that have seen family members kill each other in Kenya is wor...

30th January 2018
We Denounce the Coup Against President Robert Muga...

We cry shame on all those who have welcomed and supported this reactionary reversion to African sold...

23rd November 2017
An Independent AU ECOSOCC Secretariat Needed

AU ECOSOCC needs to become a strong organ, not one strong-armed by jesters.

7th November 2017
President Muhammadu Buhari’s National Day Broadcas...

The entire national day broadcast by President Muhammadu Buhari (PMB) on the occasion of Nigeria’s 5...

3rd October 2017
Politicizing Death: Where Is Humanity Around J-1 i...

I call upon president Kiir, and his handlers to reconsider and show some humanity.

12th September 2017
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