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Why Africa Should ‘Earn’ Respect

Donald Trump’s underscores this fact: “Shithole Africa” is the “Global Gold Mine”

23rd January 2018
Tony Elumelu: The Entrepreneurship Journey

Many of you know that I was once synonymous with banking, but I have come to redefine myself since t...

23rd January 2018
Patrice Lumumba: Commemorating the 57th Anniversar...

Africans must revisit this history and protect our genuine leaders and the continent’s resources. We...

16th January 2018
Married Or Single: How to Thrive As a Female Entre...

Married and single female entrepreneurs have different challenges and different advantages

16th January 2018
Education: How to Skyrocket Your Skills

By using the internet for e-learning, students can plan their study time around their daily activiti...

9th January 2018
A Robust African Union in 2018

In 2018, Member States will be funding almost 40% of the African Union programme budget, compared to...

9th January 2018
One Nigeria: One People

The importance of unity to any country cannot be over-emphasized.

9th January 2018
Ethnic Hatred and the Future of Ethiopia

Foundational to any vision is how we view others. Do we believe our own tribe, group, ethnicity or o...

2nd January 2018
Democracy and Economic Freedom

The struggle for rapid economic development is very far from being won.

2nd January 2018
Mogadishu: Why Somalis Must Have a Candid Dialogue

How can Somalis go about starting a candid conversation about the capital city claimed by sub-clans?...

25th December 2017
Africa: Leadership and Partnership Opportunities

Improving governance is recognized as a priority concern of all societies.

25th December 2017
Africa Rising: Why Governance for Structural Tran...

Huge governance gaps remain and the pace of structural transformation is too low compared to the con...

19th December 2017
Russia-Sudan Relationship

Over the years Russia and Sudan have maintained a strong economic and diplomatic partnership

19th December 2017
Africa Should Rethink Governance for Structural Tr...

The quality of governance explains and drives transformation, development and democratization.

12th December 2017
Challenges of Democracy & Development in Africa

Democracy evolves and countries are at different stages of evolution in democratic governance.

5th December 2017
In Memory of Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe

PAC leaders such as Sobukwe, Peter Raboroko and Zeph Mothopeng made history although the ANC tries v...

5th December 2017
E-learning in Africa: Four Key Essentials

The rate of technological advancement in Africa is growing rapidly. Introduction of computer and int...

28th November 2017
Africa’s Rebound Demands Bolder Strategies

Manufacturers and retailers seeking to stay one step ahead in Africa’s complex markets need to move...

28th November 2017
Equipping the Youth to Renegotiate Africa’s Positi...

With 70% of Africa's population under the age of 30, the continent is presented with a greater oppor...

28th November 2017
Making Child’s Play Out of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs are key to a nation’s economic development

28th November 2017
The Mine of the Future

Mining companies need to prepare to shift traditional entrenched models, plan for future scenarios w...

21st November 2017
Multiple Business Regulations, Taxation and Busine...

The issue of multiple taxation and business regulation is very serious and one that we must address...

21st November 2017
Global Wellbeing: The Courage for Positive Change

With the full engagement of business, globalization can be harnessed into a process which ensures pr...

14th November 2017
Scaling Up Nutrition

Well over 300 million Africans suffering from extreme hunger is not acceptable.

14th November 2017
Inclusive Competitiveness

Since there is now no need to coordinate cross-border monetary policies, the IMF is suffering a loss...

7th November 2017
Entrepreneurship Environment in Africa

Entrepreneurs are the engine for job creation in any economy

7th November 2017
Pathways for Peace: Inclusive Approaches

Sustaining peace involves timely and persistent investment in institutions and constituencies at the...

31st October 2017
Africa: Migration, Refugees and Displaced Persons

More than 80% of African migrants remain in the continent. This implies the need to refocus the poli...

24th October 2017
Time to Reset African Union-European Union Relatio...

African and European leaders are scheduled to meet in November for the fifth triennial African Union...

17th October 2017
Reclaiming Africa’s Lost Glory

Isn’t the present African elite making the same mistake as the African chiefs who failed to unite ou...

9th October 2017
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