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Preaching and Lecturing: What Works?

There is a distinction between preaching and lecturing

19th March 2019
John Wayne and White Supremacy

John Wayne was a White Supremacist. He did not mince words; to him, Blacks were irresponsible

5th March 2019
Solly Mapaila Erred on Robert Sobukwe

Mapaila claims Sobukwe had freedom on Robben Island. He doesn’t even know what freedom is

19th February 2019
Prospective Somalia Petroleum Sales: The Missing L...

Governments are only as good as their engagement with the public is

12th February 2019
African Citizens are the Real Drivers of Africa

Africa is bleeding. Our continent has been struck by opportunists and merchants who have traded ever...

5th February 2019
Tuku’s Death: A Lost Chance to Foster Zimbabwe Nat...

Legendary musician Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi’s death touched many in an extraordinary way

30th January 2019
DR Congo Elections: What is Wrong with France in A...

This sounds like the last kick of a dying horse as France is rattled at the prospect of losing a toe...

22nd January 2019
Sudan: Will Bashir Budge?

The world recently saw Sudanese rising up against Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, who has been in...

15th January 2019
Biafra: The Battle Continues

The past few years hasn’t been easy for us and as most of you can recall, this is my first message t...

8th January 2019
The Situation in Sudan: A Statement

The Mo Ibrahim Foundation is following with increasing concern the recent political developments in...

8th January 2019
Why South Africa Must Rethink IMF and World Bank

International Monetary Fund (IMF) Managing Director Christine Lagarde was in South Africa to meet Re...

2nd January 2019
South Africans Must Shun Violence

I want all of us South Africans, every woman, man and child, to look at ourselves, and to examine ou...

2nd January 2019
Puntland at Crossroads: Charting a New Path

The Puntland State of Somalia was established in 1998 under two primary underlining reasons.

26th December 2018
Opportunities for Entrepreneurship in Malawi

Health personnel are critically low and cannot manage to reach out to everyone in the community

30th October 2018
Khashoggi Murder: No Stone Should Be Left Unturned

Khashoggi's Post columns were sharply critical of the Saudi government, particularly Crown Prince Mo...

23rd October 2018
Zephania “The Lion of Azania” Mothopeng (10 Septem...

October 23 marked the 28th anniversary of the death of PAC founding member and its second President...

23rd October 2018
October: A Black Month for Somalia

The lives of more than six hundred and sixty-one people were lost instantly, hundreds missing and ma...

16th October 2018
South Africa: Why are details of the Chinese Loan...

What is the difference between what former President Jacob Zuma tried to do about the nuclear deal w...

16th October 2018
Open Letter to the President of Zambia

Kenya and Zambia enjoy many bilateral treaties including automatic visa on arrival.

3rd October 2018
A letter to the President of the Somali Regional S...

Jigjiga has been a subdivision and a water well once owned by cultivating and pastoral families

25th September 2018
Kofi Annan: A Tribute

Like few in our time, Kofi Annan could bring people together, put them at ease, and unite them towar...

18th September 2018
Sharon Otieno’s Death: Beyond Feminist Crocodile...

Elite feminist celebrities are always shown on the news celebrating their latest rich catch

11th September 2018
Theresa May and Africa: No Reason to Party

It is possible that Millions of South Africans, both literate and illiterate, are not aware of the s...

4th September 2018
Church Must Be In the Forefront Over Land Reform

The debate over land reform in South Africa came to mind on a trip to Chile recently

4th September 2018
Kofi Annan: The Passing On of an Icon

Kofi Annan was a global statesman and a deeply committed internationalist

20th August 2018
Canada and Saudi Arabia: The Intrigues

A true friend is not the one who always acts as your cheerleader whether you are right or wrong.

14th August 2018
Religious Groups Must Help Stop the Mayhem in Plat...

We need to rub minds, to find a special moment to grieve in our hearts, and also to express our revu...

7th August 2018
Nelson Mandela and Pan Africanism: The Lies That B...

One wonders if the South African Broadcasting Corporation Board read comments on Facebook

24th July 2018
Why Uganda Government Is Taxing Social Media

I congratulate our Science team for demonstrating that we now have the eyes to see all the goings on...

24th July 2018
What Non Profit Organizations (NPOs) Wish Corporat...

Before doing anything, consider Mandela Day from the NPO’s perspective: ask for permission, give the...

17th July 2018
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