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2018: What Africa Expects From Norway

Norway will continue to be an advocate for national resource mobilisation for sustainable developmen...

23rd January 2018
Global Challenges and Opportunities for the Privat...

Ultimately, the Sustainable Development Goals are our goals.

2nd January 2018
Ghana Should Not Forget Her History

Today many perceive politics as being synonymous with acquiring wealth at a fraudulently rapid pace...

2nd January 2018
Role of the Youth in the Era of Africa Rising

At a time, most developed economies are in crisis, a lot of African economies are on the upswing.

19th December 2017
Russia-Sudan Relationship

Over the years Russia and Sudan have maintained a strong economic and diplomatic partnership

19th December 2017
Governance and Development: The Interplay

A huge body of literature has built around the interrelationships between governance and development...

12th December 2017
Ghana Beyond Aid: How We Get There

In order to transform our economy, Beyond Aid, the variables are indeed many

12th December 2017
Nigeria’s Mineral Resources: Building Hope for Eco...

Oil revenues are simply not enough to match the demands for social mobility, economic opportunities...

28th November 2017
Black Friday in Kenya: Trust and Options to Set Y...

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are gaining popularity in Kenya

21st November 2017
SMEs Vital to Healthy Trade in Africa

Accounting for roughly 60% of global Gross Domestic Product (GDP), trade is the pulse of the global...

7th November 2017
Africa’s Pathway Out of Poverty

For millions of rural poor, their aspiration is that they will make it out of poverty,

31st October 2017
Productivity in South Africa: A Review

We encourage all and sundry to be the ambassadors of productivity and continue to instill a culture...

31st October 2017
Education, Science and Technology in Africa

It is Proactive STI and Education policies that will ensure that more people move out of poverty in...

31st October 2017
ACP in a Changing World Order

We currently stand on shifting sand, to say the least. If the truth be told, recalling where we star...

24th October 2017
Engaging the African Diaspora in the US to Strengt...

The ground is fertile to grow a truly thriving world of science on our Continent.

24th October 2017
The South Africa We Deserve

Let us do our best, so that our children and their children can inherit a working, safe, ethical and...

24th October 2017
What Makes Africa Work and the Ease of Doing Busin...

Three lessons that Africa has learned in the past few years, first diversification from resource bas...

17th October 2017
State of Mining in South Africa

Mining is the flywheel of the South African economy. When mining does well, it lifts many other sect...

9th October 2017
Africa's Trade Regime in the Changing World

Africa has no future in small, fragmented and isolated markets. Africa’s future lies in large size,...

3rd October 2017
South Africa : Business Community Takes Leadership

We have allowed ourselves to be portrayed, as somehow separate from society, non-inclusive and self-...

3rd October 2017
Third Industrial Development Decade for Africa: Po...

Industrialization of Africa and its attendant sustainable development is positive in many aspects.

26th September 2017
Peace and a Decent Life for All on a Sustainable P...

As a milk and beef producer, only a few months ago, I was cautioning my fellow farmers against exces...

26th September 2017
Africa’s Development Challenges

I would like to highlight two pre-independence leitmotifs in the thinking of Europeans about Africa...

18th September 2017
Youth, Culture and Sport

Culture and creative industries are taking a centre stage in the continental and global agenda

18th September 2017
Mauritius: The Need for a Technocratic Government

Various sectors have suffered from policy makers’ inability to adapt to the dynamic nature of a glob...

5th September 2017
South Africa: Women in Occupational Levels

Women continue to be under-represented in various occupational levels both in the private and the pu...

5th September 2017
Japan - Africa Energy Initiative

The key challenge for Africa is the generation of power

15th August 2017
YouthConnekt: Getting to 50 Million Jobs by 2020

Rwanda is a story to tell, an experience to share, and a model for inspiration.

8th August 2017
Business: Role of People, Product and Process

The 3P's is a popular concept used in entrepreneurship and business, the 3P's concept is a tried and...

1st August 2017
Role of Government in Entrepreneurship

You succeed to a large extent because of the power of your vision and your focus but you need a frie...

25th July 2017
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