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Donor Dependence: Suicidal?

Nothing will move until we move to the ground. Donors will largely remain comfortable addressing sem...

24th May 2010
Africa Must Reject the Scavenger Economic System

Developed countries have perfected the art of pushing poor countries into the “chokora” or scavenger...

4th May 2010
Zimbabwe is Not Poor! ZCTU says

Where is the money from Chiadzwa going to? There is more than what 14 million Zimbabweans would want...

3rd May 2010
Africa's Audacity to Compete in the Global Economy

We [Africans] certainly have what it takes to lead in this era of globalization. We ought to adopt t...

12th April 2010
Britain's Hand in Zimbabwe's 'Blood' Diamonds

The fear that revenue from Chiadzwa can undo a great deal of the damage wrought by sanctions has fue...

8th March 2010
Africa’s Post Financial Crisis Dilemma

The challenge facing the continent is to have intellectuals that can drive Africans to self discover...

6th April 2010
A Liberal Solution to Black Unemployment

Black folks confuse being RICH with being WEALTHY. Those who attain being RICH, look at their bank b...

30th March 2010
Knowledge, Power and Anonymous Africans

Imposed integration will not be any different from what colonialists did when creating the five nati...

15th March 2010
Africa Underdevelopment: Don’t Blame It On Diet!

How does one then explain history in which Ancient Egypt, Cush and Ethiopia not only led civilizatio...

12th March 2010
Statistics: Key to Effective Institutions

There are very real trade-offs between what we can achieve today, and what we build for our children...

9th March 2010
When Labour Laws Breed Labour Pains

SA’s labour laws are less inflexible than those of OECD countries such as Germany, France and Italy

22nd February 2010
Africa's Audacity to Compete in the Global Econom...

Although Africa has faced unfair trade practices in the past, that does not mean we cannot compete a...

5th April 2010
African Charter on Statistics: Progress

Implementation of Africa’s development and integration agenda requires that continental statistics a...

26th December 2009
Happiness: The Quest for a Redefinition

Does it surprise anyone that there is a fine line between poor people and happiness?

18th January 2010
African Renaissance: The Time is Now!

While Africa led in the very evolution of human life, learning, technology and the arts in ancient t...

18th January 2010
Nationalisation: Enemy of the Public?

As government influence in the economy grows, it becomes impossible to avoid bureaucratisation of al...

9th February 2010
Africa's Interests Besieged

What should the younger African generation do to make the continent a safe place for its citizens?

1st November 2009
Africa-EU Pursue Renewable Energy Cooperation

Africa and Europe have much to gain from a joint approach to the development of renewable energy.

15th February 2010
Africa Top on UN Agenda- Ban Ki-moon

MDGs are more than numerical targets - they hold the world's hopes, dreams, and shared commitments

1st February 2010
The Power of Voluntary Exchange

Voluntary exchange, if adopted as a fundamental rule of governance and a rule determining exchanges...

11th January 2010
Quashigah and the Appetite for Bold Thinking

African traditional values should be accorded as much prominence as the Western ones in Africa's edu...

11th January 2010
UK Drives Corruption Battle a Notch Higher

When it comes to corruption, let’s be honest about the fact that there is an opportunity cost to int...

20th December 2009
Making Africa’s Natural Resources to Benefit Afric...

Demand for natural resources will remain high and will pick up when the financial crisis is over.

7th December 2009
What is Norway Oiling in Zanzibar?

We know why Tanzanians or Zanzibaris need lasting peace in Zanzibar. But what about Norwegians?

17th November 2009
Africa Must Probe the Invented Wheel

Although common sense dictates that one need not reinvent the wheel, a number of wheels rolling in A...

17th November 2009
Investing in People: Beckoning Talented Minds Home

It’s often assumed that the only assets Africa has lie beneath the soil or on land. Not much attenti...

25th January 2010
Global Financial Crisis A Blessing to Africa- Jean...

No one could continue to ignore a continent hosting one seventh of the global population, with a mar...

30th November 2009
Innovation: Key to Development

Innovation is of timely importance in Kenya, and especially in Gusii, considering the dwindling econ...

4th January 2010
The Greenhouse Effect on Development

Development "bacteria wilt" awaits all copy paste "greenhouse" projects on the continent.

12th January 2010
Africa's Billionth Baby: What Future?

Africa's billionth baby offers the continent a great opportunity to tap into its human capital.

5th January 2010
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