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Eurobond or Eurobomb?

Starting in 2007, a number of African countries have been issuing sovereign bonds in the internation...

15th April 2016
India: Strengthening Ties with Africa

As Modi speeds up engagement with African countries, there is an important challenge that he faces w...

8th July 2016
Big Business: The Human Rights Protection Vacuum

The perils of corporate power is best portrayed in so colorful and dramatic terms in what the renown...

8th August 2016
Foreign Aid: East Africa Should Read In Between Th...

Do African economies equally view aid as a stimulus? Is this evident in the priorities and actions o...

15th August 2016
Denaturalizing Poverty and Debureaucratizing Hung...

We are bombarded by so many images that we see pain, but do not touch it; we hear weeping, but do no...

27th June 2016
The Five Levels of Corruption

God, through wisdom, had defined the five levels of human depravity. Apparently, it is these set of...

11th July 2016
Congo's Underdeveloped Agriculture Sector

Although the government signed the Maputo Declaration in 2003, it has devoted only between one and t...

8th August 2016
U.S.-Africa Economic Ties: A Review

The fact is that, despite significant growth in much of the continent, Africa’s entire GDP is still...

3rd October 2016
Africa's Five 'High 5s'

Together we will Light up and Power Africa, Feed Africa, Industrialize Africa, Integrate Africa and...

1st February 2016
ACP-EU: Challenges and Opportunities

2020 will be a significant year for ACP-EU relations, as it will be the year in which th...

18th December 2012
What Aileth Africa's Development?

Africa is in the throes of yet another socio-economic and political awakening similar to the one exp...

9th November 2015
Chicken Tax and Ideological Bankruptcy

Our county officers may want to take a page from the French History about Marie Antoinette’s naivety...

3rd February 2014
Key Action Points to Industrialize Africa

We must reform our political economy to unleash the pent-up ingenuity and productivity of the Africa...

9th November 2015
Millions Go Hungry as Obesity Rages

The prevailing paradigm within which issues of food security are discussed in relation to Africa is...

19th November 2010
Effective Negotiation: Key to Business Success

A farmer protests during the WTO negotiations             Photo courtesyNegotiation, fro...

12th October 2010
Nigeria EITI: After Validation, What Next?

There is an urgent need to review and amend the NEITI Act to tighten loose ends.

10th January 2011
Democracy Drives Oil Debates in Ghana

From the on-going oil debates, Ghanaians are drawing hard lessons from the international system.

7th December 2010
Africa: Then, Now and Forever

In order to understand its history, to reclaim its past, and to enable its people to move forward in...

4th October 2010
Nigerian Petroleum Industry Perambulation (PIP)

The current Petroleum Industry Bill cannot reform the Nigerian oil and gas sector.

19th November 2010
Africa: Short of Thinkers?

We need to do more thinking in Africa or better still, more thinking directed to Africa by Africans.

27th September 2010
State must Promote Diamond Driven Empowerment

Zimbabwe is set to become the largest producer of diamonds in the world by 2013.

15th November 2010
Giving Uganda a 'Cutting Edge' in EAC

Uganda is a potential strategic trade hub for the East African Community (EAC) and Intergovernmental...

20th December 2010
Kagame: Why MDGs are a Tall Order for Africa

Donor perspectives are predicated on paternalism; charity; and unfulfilled promises rather than real...

27th September 2010
Africa’s Independence: An Unfinished Business ?

Is Africa's renaissance bearing fruit?This year, 17 African countries are celebrating th...

15th November 2010
Voi Highway Blockade demonstrated Government Absen...

The new constitutional dispensation finally offers hope of delivering government to the people throu...

16th November 2010
Development: Strategies for Africa

Development that lacks a human face is as bad as democracy that disregards the minority.

29th November 2010
African Entrepreneurs must be Proactive

African entrepreneurs must be aware of the regional, continental and global business dynamics in ord...

1st November 2010
EAC has Vast Opportunities for the Youth

I have seen what lack of opportunities, misinformation, and the lack of engagement can do to young p...

5th October 2010
Cameroon Grapples with Global Competitiveness

Cameroon’s private sector feels that it is being constantly lashed with disincentives

29th November 2010
Women Group Spearheads Poverty Battle

We work hard, respect teamwork, focus on our future and that of our families and collaboration with...

22nd December 2010
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