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China Good for Africa if...

Africa's relation with its old European allies has little changed the continent in terms of transfo...

3rd November 2009
A Take on Clinton’s AGOA Speech

How do you reconcile the emphasis on agriculture and food exports with the equal emphasis, especiall...

10th August 2009
AGOA: From Patron to Partner

AGOA has achieved demonstrable results, but not yet enough. We know it has not met its full potentia...

10th August 2009
Shining the Spotlight on Energy

During this Christmas season, hang your lights, cook your feast, and stay warm inside! If each of th...

18th December 2009
Effective Public Policy: Key to Africa's Develop...

While the collective vision of leaders who pursued Pan-Africanism in the post-independence period wa...

16th October 2009
UK Drives Corruption Battle a Notch Higher

When it comes to corruption, let’s be honest about the fact that there is an opportunity cost to int...

20th December 2009
Africa Must Probe the Invented Wheel

Although common sense dictates that one need not reinvent the wheel, a number of wheels rolling in A...

17th November 2009
Africa's Interests Besieged

What should the younger African generation do to make the continent a safe place for its citizens?

1st November 2009
Somalia: The Resilience of a People

Somalis’ Gross National Income per capita is higher than that of 'stable' Kenya and Ethiopia!!

5th October 2009
Foreign Aid Does More Harm than Good

James Shikwati argues on BBC's Radio 4 programme: Iconoclasts that aid to developing countries tea...

15th September 2009
Faulty CCTV Cameras: Lessons for Africa

We must proactively push for individual productivity and an increase in citizens’ payment for the up...

8th September 2009
Big Money: Is it Working for Nigeria?

How can it be in today's world when it is easy to frog-leap from nothing to something that Africa's...

17th August 2009
People: East Africa’s Greatest Resource

In the current global economic meltdown, the EAC should take the lead in providing permanent and via...

3rd August 2009
Africa Must Shun 'Comparative Advantage' Attitude

The 21st century Africa must invest in populations that go an extra mile to employ use of reason in...

27th October 2009
Intellectual Property Rights: Are Africans even Aw...

While the West is busy trying to determine who has control over what idea, piece of information or c...

27th July 2009
The Greenhouse Effect on Development

Development "bacteria wilt" awaits all copy paste "greenhouse" projects on the continent.

12th January 2010
Investing in People: Beckoning Talented Minds Home

It’s often assumed that the only assets Africa has lie beneath the soil or on land. Not much attenti...

25th January 2010
Global Hunger Index Calls Attention to Gender Equa...

An important step to ending world hunger is empowering women and eradicating gender disparities

16th October 2009
Value Addition: Key to East Africa’s Growth

East Africa is a very wealthy region whose resources have not been optimally exhausted for economic...

3rd August 2009
Lessons from Qatar and Oman

Nigeria by 1970 had more than Oman. But where is Nigeria today? A billion naira question.

20th July 2009
Kenya Grapples with Skewed Labour Policies

The paradox of keeping wages low in the so–called labour surplus economies sacrifices professionalis...

14th July 2009
The G8 Meeting and Africa's Development Software

What the "throw money at their problem" model does is to sustain the disconnect that exists among th...

7th July 2009
Migrants Feel the Heat of Economic Crisis

Migrants are among the hardest-hit labour force groups in the current downturn. In most OECD countri...

6th July 2009
Global Recession: What Should Africa Do?

If Africa is to have a greater say in global governance, it has to be better organised and it must d...

21st September 2009
Africa Top on UN Agenda- Ban Ki-moon

MDGs are more than numerical targets - they hold the world's hopes, dreams, and shared commitments

1st February 2010
Africa-EU Pursue Renewable Energy Cooperation

Africa and Europe have much to gain from a joint approach to the development of renewable energy.

15th February 2010
White House Jolts Africa’s Development

Obama’s White House is seeking, as Mrs. Clinton emphasized in Nairobi, to promote this new mindset –...

7th September 2009
The G8: Africa Must Rethink Development Model

The G8 is only keen to throw money at our challenges, but that will not help change our century old...

30th June 2009
Africans: Their Own Saviour

Any responses that imply an inexorable progression from Colonialism, through Neo-Colonialism to bare...

9th October 2009
Quashigah and the Appetite for Bold Thinking

African traditional values should be accorded as much prominence as the Western ones in Africa's edu...

11th January 2010
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