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African Entrepreneurs must be Proactive

African entrepreneurs must be aware of the regional, continental and global business dynamics in ord...

1st November 2010
Capitalism in Africa: Self Interest Can Disappoint

There ought to be a new global economic and financial order that will leverage productivity in Afric...

22nd June 2010
When Labour Laws Breed Labour Pains

SA’s labour laws are less inflexible than those of OECD countries such as Germany, France and Italy

22nd February 2010
Knowledge, Power and Anonymous Africans

Imposed integration will not be any different from what colonialists did when creating the five nati...

15th March 2010
Africa's Audacity to Compete in the Global Econom...

Although Africa has faced unfair trade practices in the past, that does not mean we cannot compete a...

5th April 2010
Africa's Audacity to Compete in the Global Economy

We [Africans] certainly have what it takes to lead in this era of globalization. We ought to adopt t...

12th April 2010
Africa Oriented Charities Need Probing

First, they came for our babies. Now, they want to adopt African women’s private parts.

20th April 2010
River Nile: Egypt Should Mend Fences

River NileThere is a standoff regarding who should and who should not use the waters of...

4th May 2010
Gathering Information for Marketing Decision-Makin...

Today, many marketing planners are isolated in company or offices far from their potential customers...

11th May 2010
Australia Hails African Unity

Australia cannot ignore Africa, a continent of more than 50 countries and nearly a billion people.

31st May 2010
Championing Africa’s Renaissance

Comprising a quarter of the world’s states and one billion people, Africa is a sleeping giant about...

1st June 2010
Overcoming Roadblocks in Small Businesses

Roadblocks are a common occurrence in sub-Saharan countries. They are sometimes staged t...

9th August 2010
Cost of Power Outages in Zimbabwe's Mining Sector

In Zimbabwe, poor electricity supply is perhaps the greatest infrastructure problem confronting the...

10th August 2010
Narrowing the Rich-Poor Gap

Those who advocate policies on behalf of the poor have to accept that their policies must align with...

16th August 2010
China’s Surge Challenges Africa’s Worldview

Africans who have attempted to connect the continent to its past for purposes of launching momentum...

17th August 2010
AGOA is Alive and Kicking

Exports from Agoa-eligible countries grew over 300% from $21.5 billion in 2000 to $86.1 billion in 2...

31st August 2010
Harmonising Institutions in Africa

Despite the admirable role of continental institutions and RECs in Africa, a lot more work needs to...

10th September 2010
MDGs: Africa Must Rethink Approach

Donor-centric Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) have denied Africa an opportunity to engage in int...

13th September 2010
Freeing South Africa's Economy for Growth

SA has it directly within its power to increase economic growth by adopting policies that will rapid...

21st September 2010
Kenya Registers Consumer Confidence

Kenyans are feeling more optimistic about the future with a 58% feeling more positive about the futu...

28th September 2010
Africa: Then, Now and Forever

In order to understand its history, to reclaim its past, and to enable its people to move forward in...

4th October 2010
Effective Negotiation: Key to Business Success

A farmer protests during the WTO negotiations             Photo courtesyNegotiation, fro...

12th October 2010
Labour Brokers: Healthy for the Job Market?

Unionised workers on strike                 Photo courtesySome voices in the government...

12th October 2010
A Nigeria Without Oil

My 50-year vision for Nigeria is to tap into the creativity and innovation of our young people. Our...

1st November 2010
State must Promote Diamond Driven Empowerment

Zimbabwe is set to become the largest producer of diamonds in the world by 2013.

15th November 2010
Nigerian Petroleum Industry Perambulation (PIP)

The current Petroleum Industry Bill cannot reform the Nigerian oil and gas sector.

19th November 2010
Beware of Bad Career Marketing Firms!

Predatory career marketing companies fleece job seekers out of thousands of dollars but fail to ho...

1st March 2010
A Liberal Solution to Black Unemployment

Black folks confuse being RICH with being WEALTHY. Those who attain being RICH, look at their bank b...

30th March 2010
Create Jobs in Africa, and All Else Will Follow

In the developed world, countries with 5% to 10% unemployment put the issue at the very top of their...

12th March 2010
Sustainable Growth: The African Pursuit

Employment-focused growth strategies must be based on measurable targets mainstreamed in national de...

5th April 2010
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