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Joy and Relief in Niger

Villagers in Niger gaze in wonder at the ears of millet ready for picking in the fields. They hope t...

30th November -0001
Zuma and Ezozo: Ambassadors for Peace

The Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace (IIFWP) presented Jacob Zuma and Agr...

11th October 2005
IREN Director in Oslo Norway

IREN Director left for Oslo where he made a presentation on Reclaiming Africa – The Millennium Devel...

18th October 2005
MOI University SIFE Team Makes History

MU SIFE team made history as the first SIFE Kenya team to advance to the Semi-Finals where they comp...

18th October 2005
SIFE Kenya Annual Luncheon

The event brought together SIFE Kenya sponsors, the universities and friends of SIFE.

15th November 2005
Ghana’s Banking Sector Yields Over $31 Million

Ghana netted over $31million worth of foreign capital inflow as a result of continued consolidation...

29th November 2005
The 2nd SIFE Kenya Leadership Training

The event aimed at exposing SIFE Kenya teams to the new SIFE Projects Auditing Standards in order to...

13th December 2005
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