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Africa Gathers in Senegal

Who would have thought that the descendants of Africans taken out of the door of no return would ret...

31st December 2010
Postmortem Culture Healthy for Africa

We need to nurture a postmortem culture in Africa that can help us identify why we have not excelled...

6th July 2010
Africa: Ethnicity and Race

When Africans organize as a race, speak as one against the global oppression experienced, unify as a...

12th July 2010
The Politics of ‘White Africans'

The new trend emerging is to classify Europeans living/settling in Africa as "White Africans."

19th July 2010
Death: A Business Incentive?

A coffin maker in Kumasi prays earnestly for more people to die so that his business can grow

16th August 2010
Akamba of Kenya Keep Art Alive

Akamba Handicraft Cooperative Society Ltd has 3000 members and 2000 sub-contracted sculptors in thei...

30th August 2010
A Revival of African Creative and Cultural Industr...

West Africa's premier cinema, arts and cultural fund offers half a million shares to the public

1st November 2010
Cry, Our Beloved African Culture!

We must keep the tenets that form the basis of our upbringing but only accommodate foreign culture w...

15th November 2010
World Festival of Black Arts in Senegal

For the third time in 50 years, an unprecedented gathering of black artists, writers, fi...

7th December 2010
King Kigeli: Hope for Rwanda?

One day, Rwandans will wake up to columns headed to Rwesero hill, Nyanza, the old royal Palace now t...

4th July 2011
Language: A New Form of Colonialism?

It is important that respective African people work to preserve, enrich and also market their own la...

27th June 2011
Ernestina Naadu and Africa’s Expectant Women

African cultural superstitions impinge on pregnancy so much so that, “It is believed that witches an...

26th November 2011
Tribalism: Why it Should be Embraced

Graphics courtesyAverage parents know that the best way to keep a child busy is to keep...

17th September 2012
African Beauty: At What Cost?

African girls of today spend more money on fashion than what they spend on books and food combined.

18th June 2012
Lake Turkana Festival 2012 in Pictures

  A woman milks a goat in Elmolo village Photo: The African Executive    ...

29th May 2012
Traditional Deities Clash With Development Project...

Taxi drivers, whose illegal parking lots are being reclaimed and re-developed into modern markets by...

27th April 2012
The Ghana Culture Day: A Review

The Ghana Culture Day ought to address the deeper under-currents of culture - both the inhibitive pa...

19th April 2012
UK Punishes Africa's Superstition

A UNICEF study shows that gradually the international community is getting grip of the implications...

19th March 2012
Jerry Rawlings on Ghana's Enlightment Campaign

Rawlings’ deeper involvement in the enlightenment campaigns is going to be his second revolution, wh...

5th March 2012
The Pope and Africa’s Witchcraft Menace

Roman Catholic Pope Benedict XVI, in Benin Republic recently, warned of the dangers of witchcraft to...

5th December 2011
African Culture in Mainstream Thinking

The Accra City Forum on Culture and Development exposes how democracy is opening Ghana/Africa from a...

21st November 2011
Kumasi Workshop on Culture: A Good Start

Although the Kumasi workshop rode on the back of these growing thoughts, it sounded like a Western a...

7th August 2009
Sowing Seeds for the Future

The last decade saw remarkable rise in thinking by Ghanaian elites about their progress.

9th February 2010
Gay Debate:Human Rights Concept Not Un-African

Should African society be able to dictate how every African must think and act? If so, the concept o...

16th November 2009
Inventory, Protection and Promotion of African Cul...

Africa's future depends on human-centered, participatory and rights-based approaches to development...

9th November 2009
Tackling Africa’s Superstition Versus Progress

“The Black Star of Africa” is flowering as an enlightened corporate entity, as a thinker

24th August 2009
FGM Should Not be Demonised

When young girls in the name of culture parade their beautiful skin, its termed as “nakedness.” But...

11th August 2009
Female Genital Mutilation

In several African countries, women’s sexuality and sexual reproductive rights are controlled by men...

3rd August 2009
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