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A Nigeria Without Oil

My 50-year vision for Nigeria is to tap into the creativity and innovation of our young people. Our...

1st November 2010
Effective Negotiation: Key to Business Success

A farmer protests during the WTO negotiations             Photo courtesyNegotiation, fro...

12th October 2010
Africa: Short of Thinkers?

We need to do more thinking in Africa or better still, more thinking directed to Africa by Africans.

27th September 2010
Africa Oriented Charities Need Probing

First, they came for our babies. Now, they want to adopt African women’s private parts.

20th April 2010
Africa Underdevelopment: Don’t Blame It On Diet!

How does one then explain history in which Ancient Egypt, Cush and Ethiopia not only led civilizatio...

12th March 2010
EAC has Vast Opportunities for the Youth

I have seen what lack of opportunities, misinformation, and the lack of engagement can do to young p...

5th October 2010
Will the SA-China Trade Agreement Benefit Consumer...

SA is reluctant to proceed with a free trade agreement prompted mainly by its concern to protect ves...

7th September 2010
Development: Strategies for Africa

Development that lacks a human face is as bad as democracy that disregards the minority.

29th November 2010
Millions Go Hungry as Obesity Rages

The prevailing paradigm within which issues of food security are discussed in relation to Africa is...

19th November 2010
Nigerian Petroleum Industry Perambulation (PIP)

The current Petroleum Industry Bill cannot reform the Nigerian oil and gas sector.

19th November 2010
Capacity Building: Key to Africa's Growth

The centre of gravity of the global economy has shifted. Africa’s moment of opportunity is recognize...

15th February 2011
Nigeria EITI: After Validation, What Next?

There is an urgent need to review and amend the NEITI Act to tighten loose ends.

10th January 2011
Women Group Spearheads Poverty Battle

We work hard, respect teamwork, focus on our future and that of our families and collaboration with...

22nd December 2010
Africa’s Independence: An Unfinished Business ?

Is Africa's renaissance bearing fruit?This year, 17 African countries are celebrating th...

15th November 2010
Beware of Bad Career Marketing Firms!

Predatory career marketing companies fleece job seekers out of thousands of dollars but fail to ho...

1st March 2010
Kenya Grapples with Skewed Labour Policies

The paradox of keeping wages low in the so–called labour surplus economies sacrifices professionalis...

14th July 2009
PayPal's Electronic Profiling: Killing Business in...

By blanketing Africa as suspect, PayPal reduces the number of viable alternatives for legitimate bus...

8th September 2009
A Take on Clinton’s AGOA Speech

How do you reconcile the emphasis on agriculture and food exports with the equal emphasis, especiall...

10th August 2009
Value Addition: Key to East Africa’s Growth

East Africa is a very wealthy region whose resources have not been optimally exhausted for economic...

3rd August 2009
Migrants Feel the Heat of Economic Crisis

Migrants are among the hardest-hit labour force groups in the current downturn. In most OECD countri...

6th July 2009
Big Money: Is it Working for Nigeria?

How can it be in today's world when it is easy to frog-leap from nothing to something that Africa's...

17th August 2009
Subsidy Blues in Ghana: Premix Fuel Mixup Hiccups

If ever there was a classic demonstration of how subsidies fail to achieve their intended effect, i....

25th August 2009
Intellectual Property Rights: Are Africans even Aw...

While the West is busy trying to determine who has control over what idea, piece of information or c...

27th July 2009
The G8: Africa Must Rethink Development Model

The G8 is only keen to throw money at our challenges, but that will not help change our century old...

30th June 2009
COMESA Customs Union: Economically Viable?

Viability is contingent on political coordination and common economic objectives.

7th July 2009
The G8 Meeting and Africa's Development Software

What the "throw money at their problem" model does is to sustain the disconnect that exists among th...

7th July 2009
Lessons from Qatar and Oman

Nigeria by 1970 had more than Oman. But where is Nigeria today? A billion naira question.

20th July 2009
People: East Africa’s Greatest Resource

In the current global economic meltdown, the EAC should take the lead in providing permanent and via...

3rd August 2009
AGOA: From Patron to Partner

AGOA has achieved demonstrable results, but not yet enough. We know it has not met its full potentia...

10th August 2009
Sustainable Development: Labeling Problematique?

The meaning of development, in general perception and practice, has been limited to the capacity of...

31st August 2009
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