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Statistics: Key to Effective Institutions

There are very real trade-offs between what we can achieve today, and what we build for our children...

9th March 2010
River Nile: Egypt Should Mend Fences

River NileThere is a standoff regarding who should and who should not use the waters of...

4th May 2010
Can Africa Claim the 21st Century?

The peoples of Africa must gain the conviction that they are not, and must not be wards of benevolen...

15th June 2010
Capitalism in Africa: Self Interest Can Disappoint

There ought to be a new global economic and financial order that will leverage productivity in Afric...

22nd June 2010
Australia Hails African Unity

Australia cannot ignore Africa, a continent of more than 50 countries and nearly a billion people.

31st May 2010
Championing Africa’s Renaissance

Comprising a quarter of the world’s states and one billion people, Africa is a sleeping giant about...

1st June 2010
Africa's Audacity to Compete in the Global Economy

We [Africans] certainly have what it takes to lead in this era of globalization. We ought to adopt t...

12th April 2010
Africa is a Growth Zone

The quest to achieve MDGs therefore ought not to transform the continent into some huge NGO

21st September 2010
Donor Dependence: Suicidal?

Nothing will move until we move to the ground. Donors will largely remain comfortable addressing sem...

24th May 2010
Mentoring Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Ea...

How can the majority of student accountants and members employed by SMEs or SMPs continue to play th...

30th August 2010
Labour Brokers: Healthy for the Job Market?

Unionised workers on strike                 Photo courtesySome voices in the government...

12th October 2010
Create Jobs in Africa, and All Else Will Follow

In the developed world, countries with 5% to 10% unemployment put the issue at the very top of their...

12th March 2010
Kagame: Why MDGs are a Tall Order for Africa

Donor perspectives are predicated on paternalism; charity; and unfulfilled promises rather than real...

27th September 2010
Africa: Shattering 'Overpopulation' Myths

This mindset of “managing population” has shifted attention away from more pressing issues like educ...

23rd August 2010
Africa Can Learn From China

If we do not learn to push for our own, we will simply find ourselves remolded from westernized A...

30th March 2010
Voi Highway Blockade demonstrated Government Absen...

The new constitutional dispensation finally offers hope of delivering government to the people throu...

16th November 2010
A Nigeria Without Oil

My 50-year vision for Nigeria is to tap into the creativity and innovation of our young people. Our...

1st November 2010
Effective Negotiation: Key to Business Success

A farmer protests during the WTO negotiations             Photo courtesyNegotiation, fro...

12th October 2010
Africa: Short of Thinkers?

We need to do more thinking in Africa or better still, more thinking directed to Africa by Africans.

27th September 2010
Africa Oriented Charities Need Probing

First, they came for our babies. Now, they want to adopt African women’s private parts.

20th April 2010
Africa Underdevelopment: Don’t Blame It On Diet!

How does one then explain history in which Ancient Egypt, Cush and Ethiopia not only led civilizatio...

12th March 2010
EAC has Vast Opportunities for the Youth

I have seen what lack of opportunities, misinformation, and the lack of engagement can do to young p...

5th October 2010
Will the SA-China Trade Agreement Benefit Consumer...

SA is reluctant to proceed with a free trade agreement prompted mainly by its concern to protect ves...

7th September 2010
Development: Strategies for Africa

Development that lacks a human face is as bad as democracy that disregards the minority.

29th November 2010
Millions Go Hungry as Obesity Rages

The prevailing paradigm within which issues of food security are discussed in relation to Africa is...

19th November 2010
Nigerian Petroleum Industry Perambulation (PIP)

The current Petroleum Industry Bill cannot reform the Nigerian oil and gas sector.

19th November 2010
Capacity Building: Key to Africa's Growth

The centre of gravity of the global economy has shifted. Africa’s moment of opportunity is recognize...

15th February 2011
Nigeria EITI: After Validation, What Next?

There is an urgent need to review and amend the NEITI Act to tighten loose ends.

10th January 2011
Women Group Spearheads Poverty Battle

We work hard, respect teamwork, focus on our future and that of our families and collaboration with...

22nd December 2010
Africa’s Independence: An Unfinished Business ?

Is Africa's renaissance bearing fruit?This year, 17 African countries are celebrating th...

15th November 2010
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