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Ivory Coast’s Tragedy Stains the African Narrative

We need a Panafrican movement for the third liberation where the citizens of Africa shall get their...

4th January 2011
Kenya: From Democratic and Economic Engine to Secu...

The paper covers the historical background of ethnic politics in Kenya-both during colonial and post...

15th August 2011
South Sudan to Beat Swords into Ploughshares

Reconstruction and maintaining peace will call for hard work in the days, months and years to come.

16th August 2011
Only SMART Politicians Will Survive Kenya’s 2012 E...

We anticipate tougher competition at the county level especially between traditional politicians and...

5th July 2011
Kenya Devolution: A Critique

“Devolution” is not a new concept in Kenya.We have always had local governments managed by the centr...

9th May 2011
Algeria Pursues Reforms

We have to make progress in deepening the democratic process, enhancing the rule of law, reducing in...

10th May 2011
Ivory Coast: John Atta Mills Lights the Way

Ouattara: President electIf the Reuters' report is correct, and one hopes it is, then Pr...

8th January 2011
Tanzania: Peace and Tranquillity Elusive

Kikwete: Has his government become combative?What transpired in Tanzania on 5th January...

8th January 2011
After Sudan;World should Focus on Oromo

The Oromo Conflict has won the unenviable accolade of being the cradle of the world’s largest forced...

17th January 2011
Sudan Referendum: What Should India Do?

The upcoming referendum has left India in a dilemma. It has substantial investments in Sudan's energ...

11th January 2011
Bad Leadership: Africa's Undoing

True democracy allows the people to define their needs, values and way of doing things

29th January 2011
Africa: Are Things Falling Apart?

Bad governance, dictatorship and corruption threatens stability and prosperity in most nations of Af...

4th February 2011
Uganda: Towards Peaceful 2011 General Elections

The devastating effects of electoral related violence on the life and properties of citizens and the...

8th February 2011
Putting “African Neocolonialists” on Notice

Africa today is under the despicable, amoral mercenaric siege of both foreign and “home-brewed Afric...

24th February 2011
Uganda Elections: A Financial Review

An electorate willing to vote with its wallet is better than one which settles elections with pangas...

4th March 2011
Ivory Coast: Unlocking the Impasse

Any attempt to continue the era of big men, economic despotism and political chicanery will condemn...

14th March 2011
Why African Union must be Overhauled

It would be much better for the African Union to have few countries that are totally committed to se...

21st March 2011
Libya: The Irony of Democracy

If the aim is to get rid of autocratic regimes in the world, there are still many that are in bed wi...

5th April 2011
ICC: Kenyans Pursue Justice

STATEMENT BYRT. HON. RAILA ODINGA, EGH, MP, PRIME MINISTER This evening, I want to speak to you a...

6th April 2011
The Challenges and Future of Democracy in Africa

Democracy is much more than electing leaders periodically through competitive elections.

19th April 2011
Sound Constitutions will Liberate Africa: Raila

40 or 50 years since many African nations attained independence, we cannot continue blaming the colo...

2nd May 2011
Uganda: Why the 9th Parliament Will Not Deliver

Leadership at the top has become an avenue to amass wealth as opposed to rendering service to the na...

31st May 2011
EU-Africa Ties to Pay Dividends

Participatory democracy is about building bridges - within and between states, but especially betwee...

6th June 2011
Hillary Clinton: Why Libya should be Isolated

I urge [African states] to suspend the operations of Qadhafi’s embassies in [their] countries, to ex...

20th June 2011
Libya: Why NATO Invasion is Wrong

Why doesn't NATO tell the truth, that an armed insurrection was aided and abetted from abroad

20th June 2011
South Sudan: One Tribe Takes it All Perilous

There is no way any of the duo can live peacefully without depending on the other.

8th July 2011
EALA Hails the Birth of South Sudan

EALA has watched with admiration over the years from the time the CPA was signed, as the vision of t...

18th July 2011
Africans Must Say No to Dictatorship

The ballot box democracy has become cosmetic as elections are characterized by vote rigging, ballot...

9th August 2011
Kibaki Is Setting Good Precedence

Kibaki’s take is a new wake up call for other rulers who still cling unto frozen ideas of ‘me foreve...

9th August 2011
London Riots: A Case of Double Standards?

If at home “stop and search” arrests are disproportionately inflicted upon second-class citizens and...

19th August 2011
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