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Marshall Plan for Africa: What Should Africa Do?

Germany has reasserted its footprint on Africa’s developmental arena by announcing a “Marshall Plan”...

15th February 2017
African Union Reforms Report a Step in the Right D...

Implementing the observations in a report on the African Union reforms titled ‘The Imperative to Str...

8th February 2017
Africa Must Keenly Watch Developments in the US

Africa Must Keenly Watch Developments in the US

1st February 2017
Donald Trump and Making Africa Great Again

Donald Trump who rode on the wave of making America Great Again to clinch the US Presidency  has dec...

25th January 2017
Africa Must Urgently Resolve Maritime Disputes

It is urgent that Africa comes up with mechanisms that will address these disputes before they flare...

20th September 2016
Thought Leadership Key to Africa’s Developme...

The thought leaders drawn from various disciplines in Eastern Africa expressed optimism that with pr...

30th August 2016
Africa Unity: Call to Action

The attacks are a manifestation of the prevailing undercurrents negating Africa’s unity

31st May 2016
Muhammad Ali - A Tribute

He is a demonstration that that it is not where one is that matters but what one is doing where he i...

8th June 2016
Big Men in South Sudan A Let-down to Peace

Uncertainty hangs over South Sudan after heavy fighting between troops loyal to President Salva Kiir...

12th July 2016
The Brexit Vote: Which Way for Africa?

The outcome of the Brexit vote has doubtlessly sent economic shockwaves in the European Union and th...

28th June 2016
Leapfrogging Africa’s Development

African economies have not been able to generate enough jobs to absorb the bulging youth population.

29th March 2016
Self-Confidence is a Plus for Africa

African financial flows are already significantly African and total external financial flows in fact...

23rd March 2016
Giving Africa Day Meaning

This Africa Day should be a moment of reflection on pertinent issues facing the continent

23rd May 2016
Kenya, the Refugee Crisis and Why it’s Important...

It is no secret that both local and international economic and political interests overshadow the re...

10th May 2016
Youth Skills Empowerment Key to Africa's Dev...

Despite the fact that about 10 and 12 million young Africans enter the workforce each year, only thr...

21st June 2016
Israel’s Re-entry to Africa: A New Era for Afric...

Will the re-entry by Israel mark a new era for Africa? Yes—if Africa demonstrates a sound strategy...

5th July 2016
TICAD-VI: Another Monument of Development?

Kenya will play host to over 10,000 delegates during the sixth Tokyo International Conference on Afr...

23rd August 2016
Dilma Rousseff Impeachment Bid: Lesson for Africa

Africa, a continent plagued by nepotism, big man syndrome and tribalism in politics can borrow a le...

19th April 2016
UNCTAD 14 Consensus: Africa Must Sharpen Negotiati...

Africa must set concrete goals in its interaction with the international community and lay down a ne...

26th July 2016
Africa Shines in the 2016 Rio Olympics

Once more, Africans are thinking as one and wish the teams that hail from the continent well.

16th August 2016
Africa Must Put Its Act Together

Africa must carry out a soul search and determine where it fits in this international order

26th April 2016
Why Africa’s Industrialization Staggers

To transfer whole industrial units to Africa without growing an African industrial character will st...

17th May 2016
The Brexit Vote: Lesson for Africa

Tension is growing in the EU as momentum for a vote on June 23 for Britain to leave the EU grows. Th...

14th June 2016
Ethiopia Government and Oromo Must Dialogue

The ongoing imbroglio is a stain on the nation that harbours the headquarters of the African Union

4th October 2016
Burundi Needs Redemption

The situation in Burundi remains volatile. Over 400 people have been killed while nearly 240,000 hav...

15th March 2016
UNCTAD: What is in it for Africa?

Opening up markets to Africa’s finished products will be a step in the right direction.

19th July 2016
Africans Must Resist Bandit Economies

When all is said and done, the onus to restore Africa’s dignity rests on Africans themselves.

13th September 2016
Youth: Africa Largest Interest Group

Only a quarter of the young people who enter the labor market each year over the next decade will fi...

9th August 2016
Rethinking Africa's Growth Trajectory

It is important that the continent develops economic models or indicators that ensure growth results...

3rd May 2016
Africa Needs Strong Institutions

Former Zambia Acting President Guy Scott has castigated president Edgar Lungu over the latter’s rema...

27th September 2016
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