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Coronavirus: African Governments and Rich Should S...

Where are Kenya’s millionaires? What are they doing? Where are Africa’s millionaires?

17th March 2020
Coronavirus in Kenya

Is Kenya too money minded that the health of its citizenry does not matter?

27th February 2020
Racism: Africans Deserve Respect

Africans deserve respect. They are human beings.

26th February 2020
Brexit: What Does the Future Hold?

The African Union and existing Regional Economic Zones which are loosely modelled on the presumed su...

4th February 2020
Kusi Ideas Festival Spirit Good for Africa

Nations that have advanced imagine the world in the next 100 years and align themselves

11th December 2019
Commemorating 1811 Slave Revolt is a Wise Initiati...

It is by unearthing Africa’s hushed history that Africans will rebuild confidence in themselves and...

6th November 2019
Call By Former University College London (UCL) Stu...

If Africans don’t tell their own stories, nobody will do it for them.

2nd October 2019
Xenophobia in South Africa and the Kenya-Somalia M...

The unfolding scenario in South Africa, East Africa and the Horn brings to test the African Solution...

4th September 2019
Africa Must Take Burden of Disease Seriously

Infectious diseases account for about one quarter of deaths worldwide, causing at least 10 million d...

17th July 2019
Low-income Markets: A Phenomenal Opportunity for B...

Low-income markets present a phenomenal opportunity for business. Africa should nurture and tap into...

3rd July 2019
Africa Cup of Nations 2019: Moving Beyond

The practice of sport in general, and football in particular, is one of the main pathways to our you...

25th June 2019
Sudan: How Much More Blood Should Spill for the Wo...

The crisis in Sudan is a big test to the ‘African solutions to African problems’ mantra and UN’s vie...

7th June 2019
Kagame and Museveni Tirades Must Stop

Brooding tension will only yield counterproductive results

5th June 2019
The World Should Promote Peaceful Coexistence

The wise thing to do is to uphold equality and respect, abandon pride and prejudice, deepen our know...

22nd May 2019
Africa Must Nurture the Think Tank Culture

African governments, private sector, and other non-state actors must collaborate with think tanks an...

15th May 2019
Gunboat and Debt Diplomacy: Harsh Choices for Afri...

What is the way out for East Africa and Africa in this non-benevolent power-play?

25th April 2019
Negotiations: Africa Must Be Serious

President Uhuru Kenyatta recently castigated his Cabinet Secretaries for not taking notes during a t...

27th March 2019
Gunboat and Debt Diplomacy: Harsh Choices for Afri...

Luigi Di Maio, the Italian ambassador to France has been critical of France for  fueling Africa-Euro...

22nd March 2019
Nigeria: Victorious Buhari Has an Uphill Task

While Buhari has promised to focus on security, restructuring the economy and fighting corruption, h...

27th February 2019
The African Union Must Be Principled

If the AU has to be credible in Africa, it must up its game.

24th January 2019
Africans Should Redefine Their Identity

Africans should not continue to define themselves using the lenses of other people.

9th January 2019
DR Congo Polls: Africa Watches and Waits

The ominous cloud hanging over DR Congo is a test to the African Solutions to African Problems mantr...

26th December 2018
Senegal’s Museum of Black Civilizations A Step in...

The opening of the Senegal-based Museum of Black Civilizations is welcome news.

5th December 2018
Western Pressure: Will Tanzania Budge?

Tanzania faces a diplomatic and financial backlash from European nations for its anti-gay stand.

13th November 2018
Cameroon Tensions are a Blight on Africa's Image

The escalating tensions in Cameroon are a scourge on the image of Africa. Anglophone secessionists h...

7th November 2018
Africa Fails to Appear Among World’s Most Innovati...

Very few African universities feature favourably on global university rankings

16th October 2018
Africa Should Brace for the Real China

Beijing’s new prominence has given it impetus to do things in its own terms and make a series of as...

3rd October 2018
Economic Stability: DR Congo Has a Long Way to Go

The Democratic Republic of the Congo sits on an estimated $24 trillion worth of natural resources

19th September 2018
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