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Desert Locust Infestation in Tigray: Lessons

The people of Tigray have recently made history by way of united action against a posed danger by de...

17th December 2019
Why Ethiopia’s Economic Take -off Will Slow Down

The likelihood that Ethiopia will join the middle-income countries by 2035 is a daunting task let al...

10th December 2019
Africa Development Bank and Land Policy

Over the past decade, the land sector in Africa has witnessed a surge in investor interest

3rd December 2019
StatAfric: The Culture of Data and Measurement

May StatAfric be that institution that becomes the salt of African politics.

3rd December 2019
The Need for Greater Value Addition and Competitiv...

It is exactly 30 years-1989-since both the African Union and the United Nations General Assembly dec...

26th November 2019
Domically Clause: The Most Foolish Statutory Instr...

Africa was liberated by people who lived abroad and these influenced greatly the locals.

19th November 2019
A Blueprint for Environmental Action in Africa: Th...

Africa today has an exciting blueprint for environmental action.

19th November 2019
Kenya’s 2019 Census: A Scientific View

The 2019 Kenya Population and Housing Census has earned a reputation for being the most technologica...

12th November 2019
Innovative Civil Registration and Vital Statistics...

This is a subject that is of crucial importance to Africa’s economic and social development

5th November 2019
Dawn of the Russia-Africa Summit and a Dimmer Futu...

The first ever Russia-Africa Summit was held on October 23rd and 24th, 2019 in the city of Sochi.

5th November 2019
The Outlook for Energy, Electricity and Minerals P...

Energy and electricity availability is a precondition for so many of the activities in modern societ...

29th October 2019
Reflections on Botswana’s 23 October2019 General E...

The fact that there have been regular elections doesn’t mean Botswana was or is a democratic country...

22nd October 2019
Creating Peace Through Jazz Music

The trumpet is a ‘cool’ instrument to unite people

22nd October 2019
Africa Continues to Be Ripe for Investment

Even though economic growth is slowing globally, technology innovation is unlocking unparalleled opp...

15th October 2019
Franchising Takes Off in Africa Despite the Age of...

IWG explores the aspects of franchising that makes it a popular choice amongst African Investors in...

15th October 2019
WTO: Risks and Opportunities

International agreements in general can no longer be fully relied upon to stay in force.

8th October 2019
Making Technology Work for Mankind

Can these algorithms be trusted with our lives and hopes?

2nd October 2019
It’s Not Just the Data. It’s Politics

Data has always influenced government operations and in the process used as a tool to score politica...

2nd October 2019
End of Rule by Politicians – Did Boris Johnson Dup...

The world has a reason to celebrate this landmark, unanimous UK decision

24th September 2019
The Top Reasons for Pursuing a Career in ICT

Today's world is a digital one, where technology touches every aspect of our business and personal l...

24th September 2019
Leadership: Africa’s Youth Need A Chance

Africa—the youngest continent in the world—plays host to some of the oldest and longest-serving poli...

17th September 2019
Mugabe Was Loved and Hated in Equal Measure

Let the good that Mugabe did not be interred with his bones.

10th September 2019
Integrating Traditional Medicine in the Curricular...

The 31st August marks a very important day for the medical sector, specifically those practicing in...

10th September 2019
Feminine Leadership Against All Odds

The world would be a better place if men thought like women

3rd September 2019
What Feeds Poverty in Zambia? Part I

The development of any country is a deliberate conviction and venture

3rd September 2019
How Old is Old?

We should all be applauding Egypt’s new law extending the mandatory retirement age

27th August 2019
Comoros’ Move to SADC - Francophones Seek Alternat...

Political pan-Africanism has been an important pillar in achieving political independence of the con...

27th August 2019
The Case for Adopting Philosophy as a Foundational...

Africa is in the midst of an epic, almost frantic science, technology, engineering or mathematics (S...

20th August 2019
Al-Shabab Resurgence: Policy Options for Somalia

Somalia faces colossal challenges in achieving durable peace

20th August 2019
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